Adobe Rock meets Salt Flat Trading

Adobe Rock meets Salt Flat Trading 

Anyone been into our office recently and notice all the new items that are all over the front area?

You may be wondering why the heck a landscaping company is displaying crystals, metal work and coral....

So here's the Story.....

At the beginning of 2022, a few of us at Adobe Rock started brainstorming on how to help more people to beautify their homes and yards. We had found so much fulfillment already in seeing positive experiences from local friends and families that had improved their outdoor oasis using our products. And we didn't want to stop there.


First, we decided that we would create a new company (a type of sister company) from Adobe Rock. So after lots of discussion and voting we came up with the first decision.....the NAME. Salt Flat Trading Co. was the perfect name to represent the beautiful area that we were located close to. 

Next, we thought about our priorities as a Company and came up with a few that were important to us:

Support the Locals- Salt Flat Trading Co should be a small company and that would work specifically with other small companies from around the world to help Support them!

Social Responsibility- We would seek out products that used recycled materials as well as artists and companies that were Fairtrade certified.

Quality and Service - One of our biggest priority was to work with the highest quality of materials and products and provide exceptional service with all vendors and customers.


Finally, we began to find products to share with each of you. We are so excited that we found amazing vendors and companies from all around the world. We love that you can feel and see all different cultures the moment you walk in our front doors!

Check out our Map of our current Artists and Vendors from all over the World! 

When you have a minute, come stop by our office and see some of the incredible creations that we have discovered! 

Adobe Rock:

700 East Village Blvd

Erda, UT 84074


Feel free to also check out our website!

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