Retaining Walls: Incorporate boulders into retaining walls to add structural support and aesthetic appeal. Boulders can be stacked to create natural-looking retaining walls that help prevent soil erosion and define different levels in your landscape.
Rocky Pool Surroundings: Use boulders to create a rocky landscape around the pool, mimicking the look of a natural swimming hole. Arrange boulders of varying sizes and shapes along the pool's edge, interspersed with plants and gravel, to create a seamless transition between the pool and the surrounding landscape.
Edging: Use boulders as edging materials for raised beds, garden borders, or driveways. Their natural beauty and durability make them an attractive and long-lasting alternative to traditional edging materials like wood or plastic.
Rock Gardens: Create stunning rock gardens by arranging boulders of varying sizes and shapes amidst drought-tolerant plants and gravel. This low-maintenance landscaping option adds texture and interest to your yard while conserving water.
Anchor Points: Use boulders strategically as anchor points or focal features within your landscape design. Placing a large boulder at the corner of a garden bed or at the entrance of a pathway can add visual interest and create a sense of balance.
Erosion Control: Place boulders strategically along slopes or hillsides to help control erosion and stabilize the soil. This can prevent runoff during heavy rain and protect your landscape from damage.
Use Flagstones to create paths and walkways from one garden area to another. 
Use Larger shaped rocks to create steps and garden beds.
Place boulders in the middle of a lush lawn to break up the monotony of the space.
Artistic Installations: Get creative and use boulders as sculptural elements or art installations in your garden. Arrange them in geometric patterns, stack them to create cairns, or even carve them into unique shapes or designs to add a touch of artistic flair to your outdoor space.

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