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In a previous Blog Post, we discussed the different types of soil amendments you can use to make your existing soil more fertile. Now we are going to share how to amend your soil to make our Premium Topsoil and Supreme Garden Mix.

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First, let's talk about our Premium Topsoil

We begin with our Standard Topsoil which is made by screening dirt and grubbing's taken from locations we’ve verified to have good dirt. 

Our Standard Topsoil is often used by local landscapers to prep for sod in a yard.  To do that they lay a 1-3” layer over the entire area before the sod laying begins.

What do we add to our Standard Topsoil to make it Premium?

1. Adobe Mulch: Includes natural ground wood products

2. Black Gold Compost: Screened poultry manure that we’ve let age 5-7 years

3. Lava Fines: Use para-magnetism to mix the nutrients, make the soil more fertile

and to make those nutrients more available to the plants.

Some landscapers and homeowners prefer using our Premium Topsoil over the Standard Topsoil to prep for sod. However, almost everyone uses it for flower beds or garden areas. There’s a dozen or more soil mix recipes out there for raised garden boxes and we think they’re all great and we have all the ingredients for you to mix together your own successful soil!  

Next let's take a look at our Supreme Garden Box Mix

It has a few more ingredients than our Premium Topsoil does, but it starts with the same Standard Topsoil which gives our garden mix structure.  Here in our county, we get quite a bit of wind and without some structure to the soil we may lose our entire mix in a strong wind.

Next we Add:

1. Coconut Coir: A great organic to use in this type of mix.  It doesn’t break down as quickly as peat moss so it is our preferred choice in this soil.

2. Adobe Mulch

3. Black Gold Compost

4. Lava Fines: To help organize the soil with its para-magnetism.

5. Perlite: A volcanic mineral that is the arch enemy of compaction and we use it to keep the soil mix light and well aerated.


As you can see, the Supreme Garden Mix is packed with amazing nutrients for your garden to ensure optimal growth. Learn more about our gardening and landscaping products at:

Thanks for learning with us today! Until next time, let us know if we can help "Rock your World!"

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