How to lay Flagstone with Ground Cover

How to lay Flagstone with Ground Cover

We want to make this easy! In this video, Derrick and Chris from Adobe Rock Products will show you an alternative way to lay Flagstone with Ground Cover.

Flagstone is a product that makes your landscape look professional and beautiful! However, the millions of flagstone ideas and options may seem overwhelming. You may find yourself looking to your search engine and typing things like:

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Then before long you are looking at a video of a Cat chasing a laser pointer pen. 

We want to give you a simple option!

Here are the steps to lay flagstone with ground cover or grass in between the stones to give it a more natural and organic look.

First is to pick your area and if you are wanting plants to grow around the flagstone then be sure have sprinklers installed to be sure the plants will get adequate water.

Next is to pick your flagstone.....and the possibilities are ENDLESS. If you are looking for Tooele Flagstone or Utah flagstone then check out our Adobe Rock 2021 Landscape Product Catalog to find the perfect one for you!


Once you have found the perfect flagstone then it's time to prep your area. For flagstone with plants you can use just compacted soil instead of a solid rock base. Without the rock underneath, the flagstone won't stay perfectly level, but for occasional foot traffic you shouldn't have a problem. Besides, nature is never perfectly level and if you want to create this type of flagstone layout then a more natural look works best. 

The next step is to lay out the flagstone pieces like a puzzle. If you are planting around the flagstone then you can leave larger gaps between each stone. Use sand if needed to level out and set each stone so they are solid in place.

Pro Tip: It is always a good idea to place your favorite large pieces first and then work around them.

Once laid and solid in place you can apply apply Natural Stone Sealer before add the ground cover. This sealer helps give the rocks a permanent wet look.

Final step is to come back through and fill the gaps with ground cover and topsoil! 

Who's ready to get started??? Be sure to check out our website, give us a call if you have any other questions or stop by and see your flagstone options in person!

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