How we Made our Stone Mailbox

How we Made our Stone Mailbox

DID YOU KNOW.....before now Adobe Rock never received mail here at our physical location????

However, with the expansion of Village Blvd last year and our new sales office a change was needed. The best news was the post office would finally deliver mail to us!

After we put up a mailbox....

The decision was made to build our own mailbox out of Rock. We wanted to share with you the "How to Build" process to help give you inspiration on How to Up your Mailbox Game.

Here's How we Made ours:

FIRST: We planted a vertical piece of #7 rebar into a concrete footing.

SECOND: 4 rocks were selected from piles in our yard and we drilled a 1 inch hole through each of them.

THIRD: We then got the rocks to stack and balance and then used glue/mortar to secure each of the rocks to each other and to the rebar.

FOURTH: Once our leaning tower of stone seemed to be standing well, we cut the extra rebar off.

NEXT: We drilled four smaller holes in the top rock and sunk a concrete anchor.

FINALLY: The mailbox was attached to the anchor at the top and we used a bit of glue/mortar to secure.

*****Bonus Tip: We sprayed rock sealer on our stone to make sure the color looked it's best!

Our mailbox experiment turned out to be a success. This type of mailbox is unique and is sure to catch everyone's eye! Be sure to come by in person and check out our Adobe Rock Mailbox.

Thanks for watching and learning with us today. Until next time, let us know if we can help "Rock your World!"

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