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Good product, timely delivery, driver wasn't great

Got some crusher fines, great product, price was right, phone staff was awesome, delivery was on time. Asked the driver to dump spread it to save me a lot of time and work and he agreed. But him being the "expert," he convinced me each load would only go 30-40 feet at 4-5 inches. He said he could do it thinner, but it would only go another 10-20 feet. I had close to 100 feet to cover, so rather than dump 2 loads side by side like I originally wanted, I had him dump them end to end. But he was way wrong and each load ended up being like 12 inches thick at 40 feet. And when he finished, he said, "See what I mean?" and was bragging about how good he is. Come on man, are you serious? Can he not see that it's more than twice as thick as I wanted and that it would have easily covered the 80-100ft that I originally thought it would? I should have insisted he do it my way. Anyway, the crusher fines should work great and Adobe has been great in the past and I will definitely order in the future, but I will hope for a different driver next time and insist he do it my way if I get the same guy.

James Carlson
Great product!

Clean rock and awesome service!

Tracy Hunter

Thanks for the great service I’ll be back for more soon.


It was a great price and great service

Jesse Nielsen
Great people to work with

I just got some gravel for my yard but they was super cool, helpful, and efficient. Would recommend to anyone and will only use them from here on out

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