Landscape Weed Fabric is NOT All the Same
Watch our informational video on how all Landscape Weed Fabric is NOT all the same!
Isn't all Landscape Weed Fabric the same? NO! Here at Adobe Rock, we are all about rock....but not WEEDS! For this reason, we sell a variety of fabrics for you to use to help prevent weeds from taking over like Joe Dante's 1984 Gremlins.

Here are a few common questions that you may be asking yourself about landscape weed fabric: Which weed control fabric is best? How do you apply weed fabric? Why use weed fabric instead of other options? Which side of the landscape fabric goes down and which side up? Does it kill weeds or merely stop them? How many hours should I spend watching how to videos in order to understand how to lay weed fabric?

By now your head may be spinning. You may be thinking, "I'll just run into the nearest store and grab the cheapest landscape weed fabric for sale and grab that."


Most big chain store "fabric" is see through and not very strong. Even the "commercial grade" fabric can easily tear. Our weed barrier is noticeably stronger. It is an actual fabric woven together similar to what you see on a trampoline....Although we don't recommend jumping on it. Our landscape weed fabric includes minuscule holes that allow water to go through to give your plants the moisture they need without allowing weeds to find their way through. 

Not only do you want strong and thick weed fabric, but you also need something that kills weeds. A unique feature of our landscape weed fabric is found on the bottom side. The fabric is similar to flannel which holds to the ground and chokes the weeds as the start to grow. The combination of that and the woven texture allows for water drainage for your existing plants you want and a difficult terrain for the ones that you don't want!


Our landscape weed fabric is ALSO effective:

  1. Around plants and around trees
  2. In French drains
  3. For raised beds for your garden,
  4. Underneath mulch, bark or decorative rock 

For more specific projects, Geotextile fabric is also available to stop all drainage and can even be used to STRENGTHEN gravel roads and pathways. Even for those gorgeous landscape water features we carry a 45 mil Pond liner.  

WHAT ABOUT THE PRICE???? How much does it cost for a product that kills weeds, strengthens ground under gravel, or helps the most with weed control? Good News! Our weed barrier roll comes out to only 15 cents per square foot and our Geotextile is less than 10 cents a square foot. The best part is you don't have to buy the whole roll! We are happy to cut the fabric to what you need for only a few more cents per square foot. Check out our pricing here!

Sound TOO good to be true? 

Come see for yourself! It will be Worth it!


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