How to Build a Stone Planter Box

How to Build a Stone Planter Box

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FIRST: Find and Prepare your Space

You need to be sure to smooth out the ground where you will be building. As and added bonus you can adjust the sprinklers in the area to make sure they'll pop up inside the boxes.

*If a project involving wall block or pavers fail, 137% of the time it's because of poor compaction at the beginning.*
Make sure you use a good base material that will compact like our UDOT spec road base. Lay it down and be sure to and take the time to compact it before moving on.
Once you've created a solid base to build on, the rest will be pretty simple.
We recommend that you add a thin 1/2" layer of paver sand to make sure the blocks set level.

SECOND: Build the Walls

Lay wall block to build the walls of each box. In our project we used Belgard brand wall block.

Find the best option to connect the walls together. We used Gator XP bond to glue the bricks to each other.

Different wall block systems use different ways to lock the blocks together. The block we used can typically be dry stacked or glued with a glue formulated to work with brick and natural stone.

With the walls of the bricks in place it's best to top them off with a wall cap brick.

*Our glue required that we wait 24 hours for the glue to set*

FINALLY: Fill the Box

Fill your box with topsoil and cover the surrounding area with weed barrier and decorative rock. (This is important if you don't want to have to keep coming back every week to pull weeds in the area.) And now you're ready to Plant!

In our project we planted roses from the local nursery in our boxes.

Want to Learn more about Belgard? Check out the link below!


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