How to Mix Rock Sizes and Colors

How to Mix Rock Sizes and Colors

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It seems that water is always a scarce commodity, so many people are swapping out their grass for a more water-wise Xeriscape yard. Today we want to talk about how to mix different colors and sizes of rock to give your yard a unique or more natural look.  
Mixing rock colors and sizes can give your landscape a more unique and also a more natural look.

Many people like to express themselves in their landscape, but even with the wide variety of colors available it can be hard to look different from your neighbors. 

As you can see in these examples, many colors  work well when mixed together and each blend gives your landscape a unique look.

We screen and size rocks here in our gravel pit.  But in nature, it's rare to find a landscape that has rock all in one size.  So to give your landscape a more natural look we suggest not only mixing colors but also mixing the size of the rock you use.

In these examples you can see how landscapers have placed rocks of different sizes together to give a more natural look.


Don’t be afraid to add large boulders into the mix as they can act as a focal point in the landscape.

If you have that artist's eye you may want to have all of your landscape rock brought to your site separately.  Then you can place each rock right where you want them and mix the colors and sizes together as you go.

But if you'd rather have your rock pre-mixed, we would be happy to do that here at Adobe Rock for a small mixing fee.  You tell us exactly what colors, sizes, and ratio you'd like and we will mix it and put it in your truck or deliver it to you ready to go.

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Thanks for watching and learning with us today.  You can also check out our channel for other helpful videos and until next time, let us know if we can help "Rock your World!"

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