Planning your Landscape

 Planning your Landscape


Beginning a new year means new landscaping projects. You can start brainstorming and getting excited for the changes you want to make to your outdoor oasis. However, planning your landscape can feel overwhelming with all the options available. You may be asking yourself: 

Where do I even START?

Check out this article we found by Better Homes and Gardens to see their tips on planning and designing your landscape! 

When planning out your Landscape Design it is important that you prioritize 3 things:

1. Budget

The First thing you need to look at is your Budget. It’s easy to scroll through Pinterest to find beautiful Landscaping inspiration, but all of those ideas take money. So, take a look at your available finances for the upcoming Spring season and see what you can afford.



2. Space

Next, you need to know your outdoor space. Similar to what was mentioned in the BHG article, it is helpful to measure and sketch your yard to visualize the possibilities. A 1 acre yard design will look significantly different than a .25 acre area. If needed, seek professional help from a landscape designer in your area. Check out our handy Yardage Calculator that can tell you how many yards of material you will need according to your area measurements. 



3. Product Availability

An important help with your planning is understanding what products are obtainable near your home. If you choose to ship material it could cost significantly more, so take a look at local landscape product companies or talk to a local contractor.

Need Some Inspiration? 

Check out our YouTube Channel for lots of DIY Projects and Landscaping Education to help you think outside the box!

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