How to Make a Stylish Garden Accent

How to Make a Stylish Garden Accent

Do you happen to have a small area in your yard that hasn’t been landscaped yet? Or maybe you just want to add some variation and style to your yard?

You may notice when planning to accent your garden, some products are a bit more expensive, such as, landscape glass and Mexican Beach Pebbles. Most of us don't have have Elon Musk kind of money so we can’t afford to just do the whole yard with them. However, using a smaller quantity to accent the landscape or creates a focal point in the garden can be a great way to get that look without breaking the bank. 

Let's Get STARTED!

First thing is find the area of your yard that you want to accent. Come up with an idea or vision on what you would like to do! Here's our area that we wanted to work on:

On our project, we envisioned going to use a stone pot, Mexican beach pebbles, and Landscape Glass to make it a unique focal point.  

To start, we re-routed the sprinkler lines using a long 24-inch riser so that the water will come up through the top of our pot. After the glue on the lines cured, we leveled the area with crushed rock, then followed that with a layer of weed barrier.

This will be an important step to avoid weeds coming through your area! 

With a hole in the bottom of the clay pot, we were able to slide it over the pipe and set it in the center of the area. 

Next, we laid a bed of sand to work on so that we could line the beach pebbles upright and keep them in place. 

Don’t be afraid to try something out!
Step back to see how it looks and then make changes.  With our project here we did that several times before we found what we liked. 

One of the benefits of using rocks in your landscape is that you have the ability to move them every now and then to clean the canvas and do something different. 
Once we had a pattern we liked with the beach pebbles, we added a bit of excitement and flare to it with some landscape glass in a contrasting color. 

Finally, we added plants from the local nursery to finish it off!

This particular look might be a little flashy for you, but we think it turned out pretty cool and it will definitely be a focal point. You can make your own accent project perfect for your garden and taste!

We’d love to see your landscape projects so feel free to send them to us through our website!

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Thanks for learning with us today, and until next time, let us know if we can help rock your world! 

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