How to Make Decorative Columns with Belgard

How to Make Decorative Columns with Belgard

 Today we are sharing a unique way to beautify your outdoor space. Check out our video on How to make decorative columns using the Tandem Column Kit made by Belgard.

We were excited to see that it was a very simple installation and we wanted to share the process with you.

Prepare the base 

It is important to prep a solid base for your column. Belgard recommends using their patented U-Start Base Blocks. Since our columns were in the parking lot, we poured a concrete base and curb.

Start the Column

Second, place the steel cage in the center of the base. We made sure that we anchored the cage to the ground just so it wouldn’t move around while we worked. 

Time to Assemble

Next step is to attach the block panels to the wire grid. The Belgard kit included plastic connectors that easily slide into grooves in the back of the panels. Then, they easily click over the top of the cross bars on the steel cage grid. 

*Important: As more panels are added, it’s important that you stagger the corners so they interlace from each side. Watch so you don’t place two similarly patterned panels next to each other. (Watch the video for a reference.)

Fill the Center

Once all of the panels are in place the center of the column gets filled with gravel to add lock it all together. 

**On our columns we decided to add a light on the top of each of them. If you plan to do that, you’ll need to run conduit to each column. We did so before we poured the concrete so once the column was in it was just a matter of running wire through to connect each one.** 

Top it Off

Drill a hole in the center of the column cap to pull the wire through.  And finally, glue each of the heavy column caps to secure in place. We recommend using XP Gator Bond Adhesive. 

Let there be Light

Then it is time to add the post light. We anchored the light to the column cap and then wired each of them together. 

**If you are not an electrician, we do suggest that you get a professional to help to finish the project off. 

The whole installation was very simple and the columns turned out great! They light up the area at night and improve the aesthetics of our landscape yard. 

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And until then, let us know how we can help Rock Your World!

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