How to Amend your Soil

How to Amend your Soil

Check out our latest video where Derrick teaches us about different types of soil amendments. 

What does it mean to "AMEND" your soil? Simple enough, AMEND = IMPROVE. Many find it important to improve their soil for the best results regarding trees, lawns, gardens, etc. However, it can be overwhelming to look at all the options! So we wanted to give share some basic information on a few of our favorites soil amendments to help make the decision easier..


Here at Adobe, we sell Coconut Coir in a solid 11 pound brick, making it easy to pick up and take home. However, once you soak the brick in water it expands to a light and fluffy mixture. This Earth friendly and renewable soil amendment retains water and is perfect for growing seedlings.


Ever notice those tiny bits of white in your potting soil? That popped volcanic glass is actually called Perlite. It defies compaction so you can break up hard soil and keep it aerated. It helps improve water retention and drainage and works great also for Hydroponic gardening!


Another amazing option to help with moisture retention is Vermiculite. This hydrothermally altered biotite absorbs water without retaining too much. This consistent release of water and nutrients is a game changer for plant growth.


One of our newest and favorite soil amendments is lava fines. This super amendment uses paramagnetism to help amend aerate and fortify your existing soil. Much like a permanent mulch, lava attracts and makes nutrients available to plant roots without decomposing. 


The best way to amend soil is by adding organics to it. Our BLACK GOLD poultry compost is aged perfectly for the ultimate nutrient rich soil mix in. It contains a variety of natural materials to increase plant growth and give your garden the boost that it needs. Because of the richness of the compost, the recommended ratio is 1:3 compost to soil.
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