How to Use Sealer on Landscape Rock

How to Use Sealer on Landscape Rock

On our last Blog Post we talked about the difference that stone sealer can make on your flagstone. Customers love that "wet" look so much that we wanted to demonstrate what Alliance Stone Sealer would look like on some of our landscape rocks. 

For our experiment we used Stone Sealer on various types of shapes, sizes and colors of decorative rock to show the different results. 

Here's what you do:

Step 1: Make sure the rock is clean and dry. You can wash it off with a hose and high pressure nozzle.

***It is helpful to use a leaf blower to get off the remaining dust once dry.

Step 2: Spray the stone sealer onto the rocks. A weed sprayer works great so you can get a lot on at once while keeping it pretty uniform.

Step 3: Apply 2-3 coats of the stone sealer after 30 minutes of drying time between each coat.

Step 4: Allow the rock to dry for 24 hours. Until then it is not waterproof and should not be walked on.

See the Results for yourself!

As you can see from the before and after pictures the sealer gives the rock a wet look without making it glossy just like our results from the flagstone!

Obviously the rock may turn over and parts of the rock will be visible that don't have the sealer on it. You can leave it as a nice natural look or if you wanted to you could apply the sealer over again to maintain the color.

Thanks for experimenting and learning with us today. Until next time, let us know if we can help "Rock your World!"

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