How To Use Stone Sealer On Flagstone

How To Use Stone Sealer On Flagstone

Check out our Latest Video on how to use Alliance Gator Natural Stone Sealer on your Flagstone Patio.
Rock and Stone is beautiful, especially when it's wet. When a rock is wet the color is more vibrant and appears cleaner. But did you know that you can keep that wet look even after it dries?
The key is using Alliance Natural Stone Sealer for Flagstone.


STEP 1: Make sure the flagstone is clean and dry. You can sweep it off and wash it with a hose. 
*Pro Tip for Easier Clean: Use a leaf blower to get off the last bit of dust.
STEP 2: Spray the sealer directly onto the flagstone using a weed sprayer and roller with a 3/4" nap. Use the roller to make sure there aren't any large puddles.
STEP 3: Do two-three coats of sealer with 30 minutes in between. It needs to dry for 8 hours before foot traffic, 24 hours before it's water proof, and 72 hours before vehicle traffic.

As you can see from the before and after pictures the sealer gives the flagstone a wet look without making it glossy!
Besides enriching the color, it also protects the flagstone making it UV, water, and stain resistant. It makes it easier to clean and maintain without doesn't leave a slick film.
Come on down to the Office and pick up Alliance Gator Natural Stone Sealer to give your Flagstone Patio a Professional Finish . You can also check out more information from the Alliance Website. (Link Below)
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